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Rock Water Spell


I will let you in
therefore I know a place
this place is always cold
If you walk on uneven grounds, hold tight on Rock Water Sounds and I will let you in
This place is full of horns, crystal sounds and ponds 

If you listen to the word of dust, I will let you in
and if you forget
remember to dream 

and I will let you in 

this place lives in my veins
it climbs the wall and falls into place
a place of horns, crystal Hornes made of ice they glue inside, during the night
and if you don’t remember
I will let you in
and I will remember 

Sarantoula Sarantaki (2020)


Künstlerische Leitung: Sarantoula Sarantaki

Tanz, Organisation, Management: Mareike Steffens


Dramaturgie, Bühnenset: Deva Schubert


Lightdesign: Iria Arenas


Kostüm: Michaela Kirschberger, Kerstin Neunes

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